Interested to know about the 250 Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in South Korea 2021 / 25? I must say, that is really easy. Quickly check below for a full update.

About 250 Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in South Korea


To raise awareness of the benefits of studying in Korea and to motivate financially self-supporting foreign students by subsidizing outstanding students

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Support period – 10months

Support size – 250 foreign students (approximately)

Scope of support – Living expenses: 500,000 won per month (Maximum 5,000,000 won)

Application procedure

Trust me when I say applying for this application is just simple with this following steps below:

–>First proceed to Join as a member (
–> Online application
–> Print application form
–> Submit application form to the university
–> University recommends candidates
–> Evaluate/select scholars from NIIED

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Selection criteria

Detailed info is posted on the notice (please see the notice)

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